Friday, June 21, 2013

Melvin, Bimp and The Dancing Honeys

The Diamond honeys had fun dancing to Channel O music while the only two men awake Melvin and Bimp watched as they shook their bottoms to no end. Bimp was most amazed to see how much the ladies enjoy shaking what their mommas gave them.

Maria was the first to start dancing to the music and Motamma joined her on the lounge floor. Soon after that Annabel shocked everybody and stood up to dance to a number that was clearly her favourite. She soon sat down though because she couldn’t keep up with the energetic Maria and Motamma.

Dillish also tried her luck on the dance floor when her favourite songs played but was also soon defeated by her own body, it just couldn’t live up to her own expectations. She looks like she has gained a few kilos a month into The Chase.

Melvin and Bimp thoroughly enjoyed the free show, pity the rest of the boys were busy upstairs trying to nurture their relationships with their loved ones. Nando, Selly, Cleo and Hakeem were drinking and chatting upstairs in the bedroom while the others were downstairs dancing the night away.

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By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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