Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Natasha Convenes Meeting

After being Nominated for possible Eviction three weeks in a row, Natasha decided to convene a meeting in the bedroom to address her fellow Housemates.

The Malawian spent a better part of the evening complaining about being Nominated by her fellow Rubies every other week. After crying and expressing how unfair it is to constantly fight for her place in the House, Natasha decided to tackle the issue head-on.

She waited till all the Housemates were in their beds and then took the podium. "I want to talk about you guys constantly Nominating me. I know you guys don't think I'm a bad person but you must understand how I feel. I'm not saying I'm special and don't deserve to be Nominated. However, it’s really disheartening when I'm the only one who has been Nominated every week", Natasha said.

Her fellow Housemates looked taken aback by Natasha's bold move. Sulu fell asleep as soon as Natasha started speaking and when he eventually woke up, Natasha was still at it.

Selly looked right through the Malawian with hes eyes glazing over, while Elikem found his bottle of body lotion much more interesting than the conversation at hand.

Nando, Bolt, Natasha, Oneal, Betty, Elikem and Motamma are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Shame Tasha oh I am sure you will be saved babes don't cry woooo yes these people they don't like you thts it so whts the next step wooo everyone likes money but look thye are trying to chase you out babe

  2. Doesn't she nominate others t̶̲̥̅̊ΓΈ̲̣̣̥ every week?She only made her matters worse and she wud definately leave on sunday.She shud park well joor

  3. this embarrassment called Natasha is getting on my nerve, is ds what I paid subscription for only to see a cry mama? Africa has stepped up and ds local woman should know. Toying wt HM emotions wont keep u for long. abeg Malawians should ask for her voluntary exit jare, shame

  4. Shame on u tasha,u started dancing wen d music havnt started so now ur dancing off beat n as a village n nor sharp lady u can automatically change ur dancing steps.SHAME ON U n ur controvercy.hop its paying well? Plz do Volutary exist my hsehold will be rejoicing!

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha haybo Natasha when Koketso and LK4 were evicted u consolled Selly telling her tht its part of the game and u won't blame anyone by nominating u bcos u also have two names to give on monday during nomination session and now??? Pls don't act here they have to nominate u for different reasons.... U are threatening the housemates now

  6. If Tasha does not want to be nominated, she should stop nominating others. But for the facts that she nominates her fellow housemates,she shd not provoke Africans with her crocodiles tears. I vote mota to stay

  7. I think Biggie is also a partner in crime with Natasha,everytime she is in the diary room,she manipulates votes by thanking Africa for God knows what and Biggie offers her that time,she and Fatima also like speaking in Venecular language

    1. Natasha n fatima spoke der native language tro out sunday n even after eviction,Biggie wat did u do? Ur Father der! Nonsecable. If it involves my country or even my imlaws NIJAA! Biggie will Act!

  8. Tasha its high time u realise dt ds is a game be strong I kn u hav a strategy evryon in d house came cos dey nided d mony , if nt dnt nominat. Ok