Friday, June 21, 2013

Natasha, The Professor Of Love

A deep well full of wisdom is what Natasha is, or at least what she tries to be.

Today the spotlight-loving Malawian turned the Ruby House bedroom into her own private talk show stage. The Ruby lass had love on her mind and as we all know whatever Natasha has on her mind, Natasha shares with anybody and everybody that will listen. “Love is a powerful thing. You can love someone even they don’t love you back,” she professed to her fellow Rubies.

“It doesn't matter what your height or your colour is; it’s what is in my heart,” she continued as the rest of the Housemates listened attentively and nodded in agreement. She ended the conversation with the final words: “People that want someone with a ranger rover that’s not love its gold digging”. Well, alrightie then ‘Professor’ Natasha, preach sister, preach!

So what do you think about Natasha’s message of love?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. datz Natasha for u.Shes jux an entertainer.u cant take dat from her

  2. Fake Natasha, nothing about her amuse me.

  3. Grandma Natasha miss know it all. I just pray you go home on sunday.

  4. Natasha she is indeed an intertainer u g gal I vote 4 u