Sunday, June 16, 2013

Natasha Sheds A Tear

As tonight's eagerly anticipated Evictions draw nearer, emotions are running high in the Ruby House.

As if it had just dawned on her that she could be leaving The Chase tonight, Natasha broke down and cried as she hugged her fellow Housemates.

The Malawian is up for possible Eviction tonight and could be spending her last moments with her friends in the House. Natasha was Nominated for possible Eviction during the first week of the game, after Head of House Beverly saved Bassey and put her up in his place instead. When it came to crunch-time however, Natasha was saved by Africa's vote.

This week, Natasha is super jittery and has been questioning whether she will survive the dreaded chop. She was all tears as she hugged her sidekick, Sulu, who she is super tight with.

Wonderful memories from their time spent in the House were shared as tears flowed and hugs and kisses were exchanged with the rest of the House.

The Live Eviction looks like it will be pretty dramatic if Natasha's emotions are anything to go by.

By Ngeti Dlamini