Friday, June 07, 2013

New Twist: The Power Of No!

The game just got a whole lot tougher.

Big Brother has introduced an exciting new twist to the game, which is surely set to shake things up as The Chase towards a cool USD 300 000 heats up.

Aptly titled 'The Power of No', this new Task will afford a lucky Housemate the opportunity to deny one other Housemate the opportunity to participate in the next Head of House Task.

The Power of No Task will be random, which means Biggie may deliver it anytime between Saturday and Friday. Whoever wins the Task will be called to the Diary Room right before the Head of House challenge begins, to tell Big Brother who they would like to banish from participating.

There were looks of concern and astonishment when Diamond Head of House Betty read out the Task brief. Ghana's Elikem even asked her to "please read that two more times". The Housemates are under no illusions regarding how important being HoH is. Apart from handing the HoH immunity from possible Eviction, this lofty position also gives the holder the power to 'Save' a Housemate of their choice from possible Eviction and 'Replace' said Housemates with anyone of their choosing.

The Housemates have no doubt studied each other and know each other’s strengths. Anyone who had hoped to coast through 'The Chase' on the power of Head Of House certainly needs to find a new strategy.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Cleo won it @Ruby's n Choose The Nija Diva Beverly.Gosh the way She Took it superb: Jos rushed n huggd cleo wt a big laughs n contd her gist.Wat a Heart!Nija ur both representatives are the best dis season!wish them Gudluck!Frm SA.

  2. d 9ja chick stil stand strong....