Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nomination Diary: Remember Me Africa

“How would you like to be remembered”? That is the question that Big Brother posed to the Nominated Housemates this evening.

“I would like to be remembered as me, the person that I am. The same Biguesas that I have been since the beginning and even now,” declared Biguesas. The statuesque shy Angolan looked calm and ready for anything tonight ahead of the Live Eviction Show.

Biguesas’ fellow Diamond, Bolt told Biggie that he believes that he has played the game very well so far. We certainly can’t argue with him on that point as he has managed to get himself saved from the grips of the Eviction choke-hold, not once but twice. In just a short while the Diamonds will learn that Head of House Melvin chose Annabel to take Bolt’s place on the list of Nominees.

Over in the Ruby House Oneal shared with Biggie that the only thing that would be on his mind tonight, if he should be Evicted, would be Feza. “Tonight would not be a good night for me to go home because I would spend majority of the time wondering what is on her mind,” said the Tswana man. Luckily for Oneal he will not be getting separated from his new love interest tonight as HoH Selly shielded him from Eviction and chose to throw Neyll in his place instead.

Natasha, like Biguesas, tried to remain nonchalant about the situation but it was clear that her nerves were getting the best of her as she looked ready to burst into tears anytime soon. “God already knows who is leaving and who is staying,” she professed. After Natasha it was Pokello who took to the Diary Room for an emotive chat with Biggie.

In just a short while we will find out who will become the third pair to be Evicted from Big Brother The Chase. Who do you think Africa is sending home tonight?

Video: Remember me

By Lihle Jacobs

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