Monday, June 10, 2013

Nominations: Bolt, The Blessed

Guardian angels must watching Bolt as not once but twice has he dodged the Eviction bullet.

This evening, Head of House, Melvin opted to save the Sierra Leonean and placed Kenya’s Annabel in his place. Clearly Bolt’s presence in the House has been very polarising as tonight is the second consecutive week that Bolt received the highest number of Nominations from the Diamonds but was fortunate enough to not have to face Eviction thanks to the HoH.

Last week it was his girl Betty that protected her man and threw Feza under the bus. For Betty it was expected that she would save her man but for Melvin it was a bit surprising who knew that the Nigerian and the Sierra Leonean were that tight?

Maybe Bolt was right when he said that he is a lovable person, well at least to some. But one person who is not getting much love from the The Chase Housemates is Biguesas. Last week he got the most Nominations in the Ruby House but was saved by Selly. But this week lady luck has not shined upon him. Clearly something about the Angolan is rubbing Housemates up the wrong way. But how does Africa feel about him? Only time will tell.

Biguesas and Annabel are joined by Natasha, Neyll and Pokello on the list of Nominees. Vote now to keep your favourite in the game.

Video: Diamond House Nominees

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Melvin Nija Swt Guy! Ur on point. U made me want to become a Nigerian.Good choice although I hate BOLT but his beta dan bigussaz.My best 5:Melvin! Beverly! Maria!Nando! N Bassey!!! GUDLUCK GUY!

  2. Hawu u r lucky man Bolt maybe u gonna b there till 91 days wish u good luck thou

  3. Melvin did not want to save Bolt. He hesitated before making that tough decision. YES Melvin is sweet and all but definitely not stupid. That loud mouthed Sierra Leonian don't be surprised when he ships him over to the Rubie house. Bolt needs to calm down and start respecting women. If you also watch the sex scene between her and Betty you will realise what a selfish lover he is...big on words but "lack in action". How could a loving man allow his woman to expose his "punana" for all Africa to see. Any loving man would've pulled up the blankets but not Bolt. That was the most cruellest move for a man that's depending on Africa to save him.

  4. Oh God! can this girl respect herself as an Africa future mother.African girls are known for good morals and while I commend Melvin for saving his brother, I also vote for Biguesas to stay