Monday, June 17, 2013

Nominations: Bolt On The Firing Line Once Again

In today’s Nominations Session, most of the Diamonds Nominated Bolt and his lady love Betty for very different reasons. Bolt was said to be the House bully and was slowly starting to irritate everybody with his insensitive ways. He had four Nominations.

Some of the Housemates felt that Betty was always in the House with Bolt and had no time to interact with other Housemates. She is also a very quiet person which makes her the perfect target to most. She was Nominated three times for Eviction.

Another Housemate that made the lips of a few fellow Chasers was Kenya’s Annabel and they told Biggie that she is selfish at times and Bolt said that she lies often. What she lies about was difficult to explain. She also had three Nominations, so did Nando.

Dillish and Motamma each got away with two Nominations. Apparently Dillish got Nominated because she is lazy, disorganized and malicious or so Hakeem thought. Motamma is said to be living in her own world and doesn’t contribute much to collective Tasks and general household activities.

Nando Nominated Maria because she’s been trying to build alliances with her home girl Dillish and was very underhanded about it. This sits uneasily with the Tanzanian lad, so much so that he feels they both can’t be trusted especially being from the same country. Maria had two Nominations.

Diamond Nominations:

Bimp - Annabel & Maria
Motamma - Hakeem & Nando
Nando - Maria & Motamma
Hakeem - Dillish & Motamma
Maria - Bolt & Betty
Annabel - Bolt & Melvin
Betty - Nando & Dillish
Beverly - Betty & Bolt
Melvin - Annabel & Betty
Bolt - Annabel & Nando
Dillish - Bolt & Hakeem

Diamond Nomination Results:

Bolt - 4
Annabel, Nando & Betty - 3
Maria, Hakeem, Motamma, Dillish - 2
Melvin - 1
Beverly & Bimp - 0

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. This Dismond house r funny well I wanna see who betty swaps with OMG sunday come very fast 4 eviction showdown

    1. Mydear,hoh is Ananbel nt Betty n who eva she swaps africa is ready to save.d Entertainers will never be evictd.


  2. We are ready to save MELVIN, bring it On Ananbel.

    1. Annabel will save herself nd put our melvin Africa is ready for dat.but cum to think of it melvin didn't do it intentionally to swap Annabel and one as to win dis chase but they re taking it personal.cum Annabel we are ready to save our son melvin.

    2. Yes we will save our boy.

  3. we are behind u bro

  4. Annabel can swap with whoever she wants its game . Why is it that some housemates have to be untouchable yet they nominate other people .

  5. Ya we ready to save our boy...go r behind u....u hot sexy cute dude

  6. Annbel is found of tlking against Naija. She always disses naija... Naija dis, Naija dat! You better take your time ooo if you wan live long Annabel! Just don't think you can play tit for tat with melvin(naija). We too get mouth.. Se strong die.. U better no even think am sef!

  7. Melvin can nominate Anabel but Anabel can't nominate Melvin! why? get over yourselves Nigerians. This is a game.