Monday, June 03, 2013

Nominations: Diamond Claws Come Out

The claws were out in the Diamond House at this morning’s Nominations session.

Now that first Housemates have been evicted from The Chase, Housemates are clearly feeling more comfortable with the Nominations process. While last week all of the Housemates played happy family and had a hard time picking names, this week the battle lines were drawn and it has become clear exactly which Housemates have beef.

Bolt and Dillish both admitted that they cannot stand each other. His beef with Annabel also came to light. As for Bolt’s girl, Betty, she is clearly still holding a grudge towards Feza for her putting her up for Eviction and the feelings of loathing are clearly mutual as each Nominated the other.

Bolt lead the Nominations with five all of the Housemates stated his laziness as part of the reason that they choose him. He was followed by Hakeem who got four Nominations; Housemates cited his clear displeasure of being in Diamond House as their reason for putting him on the chopping block. Dillish, Betty, Feza and Annabel trailed closely behind him with three Nominations each.

The only people that managed to dodge the Nomination bullet were Angelo, Bimp and Fatima.

Here is how the Diamonds Nominated:

Feza: Betty and Hakeem
Dillish: Bolt and Hakeem
Bolt: Dillish and Annabel
Angelo: Feza and Bolt
Bimp: Annabel and Dillish
Nando: Motamma and Melvin
Motamma: Hakeem and Bolt
Annabel: Bolt and Betty
Betty: Elikem and Feza
Fatima: Hakeem and Dillish
Elikem: Annabel and Nando
Hakeem: Dillish and Feza
Melvin: Betty and Bolt

Total Nominations:
Bolt - 5
Hakeem & Dillish - 4
Betty, Annabel & Feza - 3
Nando, Melvin, Motamma & Elikem - 1
Fatima, Angelo & Bimp - 0

Do you agree with the Diamonds' Nomination picks?

By Lihle Jacobs

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