Monday, June 10, 2013

Nominations: Off With Their Heads!

The Diamonds want Bolt out and they want him out now!

After being saved from possible Eviction last week by his HoH girlfriend Betty, it would seem Bolt's fellow Diamond Housemates are pretty serious about giving him the boot. This week, the Sierra Leonean leads the pack with five Nominations, courtesy of his arrogance and bossy ways.

Angola's Biguesas is snapping at his heels with four Nominations. Annabel did not mince words when she dragged Bolt to the Eviction gallows. "He is arrogant, bossy and tends to put her feelings ahead of anyone else’s," she said. Hakeem concurred with Annabel's assertion, but went a step further. "Bolt is getting too cocky and he thinks he runs the show. Right now, he thinks he's untouchable".

Bimp on the other hand tried to be polite about his Nominations pick. "Africa enjoys Bolt, so if I put him up for possible Eviction, everyone will vote for him".
Biguesas on the other hand was a favourite on the Nominations list because of his quiet ways. Beverly, Feza Motamma and Melvin all shared how the Angolan keeps to himself and hasn't made his mark, three weeks into the game.

This evening, the HoH is set to make his 'Save' and 'Replace' decision. It looks highly unlikely that Melvin will save Biguesas from the list of possible Evictees. During his Nominations Session, the Nigerian actually Nominated Biguesas for possible Eviction.

If Melvin saves Bolt, this will be the second week in a row where the Sierra Leonean's lucky stars shine on him.

Diamond Nominations:

Hakeem - Dillish & Nando
Annabel - Bolt & Motamma
Bolt - Dillish & Annabel
Betty - Nando & Feza
Feza - Biguesas & Melvin
Bimp - Bolt & Beverly
Nando - Betty & Motamma
Fatima - Betty & Annabel
Beverly - Bolt & Biguesas
Dillish - Bolt & Hakeem
Melvin - Biguesas & Annabel
Motamma - Nando & Biguesas
Biguesasa - Dillish & Bolt

Diamond Nomination Results:

Bolt - 5
Biguesas - 4
Nando, Dillish & Annabel - 3
Motamma & Betty - 2
Feza, Melvin, Beverly & Hakeem - 1
Bimp & Fatima - 0

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. I don't like this guy bimp you nominated 2013 chase winner. Beverly

    1. Okon don't mind d fool now his followin Melvin bumper to bumper!d game is out not in tho hsemates must behav well n entertain.

    2. Who is melvin my broda goin to save?I want both of dem out.

  2. Beverly n Melvin lasgidy gat you back. Niger for life.

  3. Feza u that yellow pawpaw you nominated Melvin aby? niga is coming after you.

  4. Am not a Nigerian but Bev n Mervin are my best.they make d house so lively,fun games,discussions,best dancers!OMG! D are on point!Gudluck guyz!

  5. mumu bimp and faza u r going down

  6. Natasha outtttt, Pokello innnnnn.

    1. Actually, its the other way round.

    2. Actually its the other way round, i.e Pokello out Natasha soooooo in.

  7. African's plz tell me what is d difference btween Bolt,Bigusea n Hakeem?the 3 of dem don't do anytin close to D word** Entertainment** Plz tell me how any of them entertain Africa? Am waiting!!

    1. In my opinion u r rite about those guys, but u knw wat pple r interested in "RELATIONSHIPS", and that is wat is doing it for Bolt and Hakeem. hence Biguseas is so going home come Sunday.

  8. This years Big Brother needs Edith,Eve,Keagaaan,Lee,Karen because there is about two entertaining people in this house none off them are entertaining but I love big brother no matter what reason being is for us as Africans to unite and that is what Africa needs way to go Biggy.

  9. Bolt & BIGuesas shuld leave & rather apply 4 being da Big Brother's bodyguards..

  10. Replies
    1. go melvin and beverly,up 9ja

  11. my bf is crazy for dillish n I'm jealous so I want her out . cant stand it.

  12. bolt going nowhere, africa is bhind u

  13. love u bev,hakeem and melvin

  14. At least hakeem is soo in thnx housemates

  15. Beverly and Melvin, you guys roooock!!! Naija is solidly behind you both.