Monday, June 03, 2013

Nominations: Rubies Want Biguesas Out!

Angola’s “silent assassin” Biguesas lead this mornings’ Ruby House Nominations with seven nods.

The Luanda native’s proclivity to keep to himself has clearly not been received well by his fellow Housemates; LK4 even dubbed him a “silent assassin”. Many of them stated that his self-imposed isolation and non-participation in household chores as their reason for putting him on the chopping block.

LK4 followed behind him with four Nominations. Clearly the Rubies have woken up to his manipulative ways and have had enough. Ruby House newbie Neyll, has received a cold welcome from his fellow Housemates as he was bestowed with three Nominations.

Here is how the each Ruby Nominated:

Natasha: Beverly and Bassey
Neyll: Maria and LK4
Koketso: Biguesas and Selly
Maria: Biguesas and Natasha
Oneal: Neyll and Sulu
Cleo: Selly and Biguesas
Beverly: Biguesas and Sulu
Sulu: Neyll and Pokello
Selly: LK4 and Koketso
Bassey: LK4 and Biguesas
LK4: Neyll and Biguesas
Biguesas: LK4 and Maria
Pokello: Biguesas and Koketso

Total Nominations:
Biguesas - 6
LK4 - 4
Neyll & Selly - 3
Maria & Sulu & Koketso - 2
Natasha, Beverly, Bassey & Pokello - 1
Oneal & Cleo - 0

Who do you think will get sent home from the Ruby House this Sunday?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. LK4 shuld leave the house

    1. Maybe he thinks he's still a basketball star. Fake nxx

    2. Biggie abeg take 3peeps out dis sunday n den 1 frm next sunday! I luv d nominations:LK47 isn't sexy.Sulu is more sexy dan him?hahahaha!I want to change my nationality to Nigeria!!!

  2. Biguesa n lk4 wth more nominations are going home

  3. Yea i agree wit u,he is trying 2 create problem 4 the girls

  4. Lk4 really has 2 leave the house followed by his stupid "mind" or "stupidiest strategic" games!

  5. That crazy ass Lk4 should home. Biguesas is so boring.

  6. but i like Biguesa. he looks calm

  7. Hey selly got 2 nomination

  8. I like both Biguessa and Lk4 both wise but LK4 has to go

  9. I know that selly we save Biguesas over Koketso, so it will be between Biguesas and Koketso.

  10. LK4 must just leave, I personally think he is manipulative, selfish and childish. He must just GO.

  11. South Africa let's save our girl Koketso

  12. I dnt c any tin bad about y beverly nominatin natasha