Sunday, June 02, 2013

Party: Dancing Diamonds and Raunchy Rubies

From Angelo and Annabel’s little smooch to Pokello backing her booty up on Cleo - the Housemates’ first party had no shortage of oh no they didn't moments.

The Diamonds were graced with Kenya’s DJ Hypnotiq presence who had them cuckoo dancing the evening away. Clearly Huddah was overjoyed to have a fellow countryman in the House as she jumped up and hugged the DJ the second that the Housemates stepped into the party lounge. The Kenyan gave everyone an eyeful in her skin-tight white leggings. Angelo and Annabel got lost in the music for a moment and sneaked in a quick smooch on the counter.

Over at the Ruby House, the Housemates were their usual crazy selves. For their party it was South Africa’s DJ Jawz that held it down on the ones and twos.

The Ruby ladies have never been known to shy away from a little dirty dancing; and tonight was no different. All of them hit the dance-floor winding and grinding their hips. But it was Selly and Pokello that proved to be pros at twerking while the boys just watched, mesmerised, except for Sulu and Bassey who joined in.

Dirty Diamonds or Raunchy Rubies – which House party did you enjoy more?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Raunchy Rubies killed it, I enjoyed their dance moves, they really know de meaning of good party. Thank u Ruby House u neiled it.

  2. I knw u wount see bervely and mervin dancing steps.u na don start ur beff be dat lol.

  3. Pokello pokello i love her dance

  4. Best dancers for real frm both houses last night were d nigerians

  5. Rubies house was on fire

  6. Ruby housemates killed it especially Beverly