Sunday, June 09, 2013

Party: Pokello and Selly's Alcohol Drama

Pokello and Selly almost came to blows during the eagerly anticipated Saturday night party.

The two divas were having a good time on the dance floor, dirty dancing with their fellow Housemates when Selly dumped her drink on the Zimbabwean Housemate. Whether this was intentional or not still remains a mystery.

What is not a mystery though is Pokello's reaction. The Zimbabwean was more than furious and you could tell by her facial expressions how angry she was. Elikem and Cleo stepped in to try to diffuse the situation and to also offer Pokello some tissues to dry herself.

Selly came over to whisper something in Pokello's ear and unfortunately, the Zimbabwean was not having it. She quickly backed away and told her where to get off. Yikes.

Video: Wet 'n Wild

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. PokElo ure 2serious in d BB gme

  2. Pokello u said u dnt take alcohol in one of ur DS. So wat u fake bcos u re always serious in BBA house

  3. Pokello dnt go ther selly will pomp u up

  4. i liked Pokelo but men she is fucked up. Too serious for the chase, Africa once she is nominated we are voting her out.

  5. guys c'mon if it had happened to you would you have like it? this has got nothing to do with Pokelo being serious. Selly acted wrong period.

  6. selly waz totally wrong about wat she did to Pokello