Friday, June 21, 2013

Power of No: Angelo and Annabel Sit It Out

What a sucky birthday present Angelo got from Selly today. The Ghanaian took to the lounge today in front of all the Rubies to announce which Housemate she would be using her Power of No against. After a lot of dramatization and theatrics she finally announced that she had chosen the South African to sit out today’s Head of House Task.

Over in the Diamond House, Hakeem wielded his Power of No might against current HoH Annabel; giving the fact that she is already HoH as his reason. “You’ve already been Head of House so you don’t get to participate today,” he stated. The Kenyan did not find any comfort in his reason and was not happy at all. “That’s not an excuse,” she snapped. She also threatened the Zimbabwean saying: “Just you wait and see when it’s time for the House swap”. Meow! Watch your back Hakeem, this Annabel woman doesn’t play around does she?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. I wonder what mama cowbell aka Annabel's problem is. She has to go

    1. Annoymus12:14! Everyone has right to react ok so drop dat rubbish name ur giving her.U n ur country can't send her hope.Goshhhhhhhhhh!

    2. I support u dear!Am not frm Kenya but 4her not to re-taliate on melvins swap means she doesn't take tinks personal.pls give her a little credit!

  2. I wonder if Annabel knows she is in for a game she takes things too personal mtcheww!

  3. On taking tins personal:Hell no;Y did he swap melvin? Look @ hakeem,natasha n Pokelo de masters of un4givness.