Friday, June 07, 2013

Power Of No: Beverly and Dillish Banished

Beverly and Dillish cannot participate in this week's Head of House challenge.

Big Brother certainly doesn't waste time! As soon as the 'Power of No' twist was announced this morning, the wheels were set in motion for the first ever banishment decision.

The Housemates were requested to walk out into the sunshine and pick a card on a table set up in the garden. You could almost smell the sense of urgency as the Rubies attempted to hold themselves back from running towards the table laden with a stack of cards. However, everyone contained themselves, calmly walked in single file and picked a card of their choice.

When Cleo was announced the winner - because she had picked the Ace of Spades - there were no pleasantries or air kisses directed her way. Unperturbed by the snub, the Zambian then marched into the Diary Room and swiftly banished Beverly from this week's HoH Task.

In the Diamond House, Hakeem was lucky enough to pick the Ace of Spades. The Zimbabwean seemed to be having a bit of difficulty with his choice in the Diary Room and after much prompting and prodding from Big Brother; he finally chose to exclude Dillish.

Hakeem doesn't seem to like Dillish much because she also made his list of Eviction Nominees on Monday morning. After scoring a high number of Nominations for the rest of the House, Dillish is facing the Eviction chop this week. Should Africa save her from the gallows this Sunday, she might still be in danger of being put up for possible Eviction again next week.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Guys vote for Dellish plis

  2. Cleo have drawn the line with us naija, she is next to be axed. I not as if she is interesting in the house.