Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Prezzo's List Of Women Over The Years

Earlier in the days when Prezzo came into the limelight, his first love was the beautiful Easy FM radio presenter Sheila Mwanyigah, their relationship lasted just for a short while before they broke up.

He later dated Daisy Kiplagat, the daughter of the popular politician Hosea Kiplagat. They were in an on and off long distance relationship since Daisy lived in Canada. It would seem finally he got a soul mate because they later got married in 2008 in an exclusive wedding in Karen. They had a daughter together but their marriage barely lasted as daisy accused Prezzo of adultery and divorced him.

The woman that Daisy accused prezzo of cheating on her with was Joy wanjohi, a former model. The two were said to be having an affair and were caught by the pulse paparazzi kissing during a social event.

Last year, Prezzo was selected to represent Kenya in the Big Brother Africa competition. There he met and fell in love with the late Nigerian beauty Goldie. The two had their love moments in the house and even out of the house, their romance continued. Prezzo even travelled to Nigeria to meet Goldie’s parents and the two love birds also travelled to the states for the Jay Z concert. During the proverbial lovers’ day in 2012, Prezzo was scheduled to meet with Goldie where he was to engage her, when he got the news that she had died at her home in Lagos. Her death abruptly ended their romance.

Prezzo was also accused of being a co-party to adultery by a white man. In a divorce proceeding by a white American married to a Kenyan woman from the Coast (who died shortly thereafter) in the mid-2000s, Prezzo was named as the main cause of the divorce, due to his affair with the said married woman.

Early this year, Prezzo was said to be having a fling with former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu. After a Tanzanian show in April 2013, Prezzo camped in Dar es Salaam for three days during which he was rumored to have met the acting beauty.

Currently, there is a debate on whether Prezzo is dating Kenyan artist Victoria Kimani who is also Bamboo’s little sister or whether it is the socialite Huddah Monroe. Victoria kimani during a performance in a recent event, she was seen exchanging glances with Prezzo and blew him a kiss! All this time Prezzo was keenly glued to her as he took a video with his phone. Later on, the two were caught kissing deeply and Prezzo admitted that she is very attractive.

As for Huddah Monroe, the two are too close for comfort and have been seen attending functions together and holding hands. Huddah however says that Prezzo is her close friend, who she thinks about every morning…mmh I leave that for you to judge.

“I am King Mswati,” Prezzo recently told Pulse. “I can’t help it if the ladies love Prezzo!”

By Standard Media / Pulse


  1. It is obvious that Prezzo is sick. He is advised to grow up and identify what he wants because this style of life may lead him to his earlier grave.

  2. He is a very lucky man

  3. What is even wrong with all this girls that falls for prozzo, the dude is denm too urgly for my liking. Fuck is fame that only spread across kenya

  4. He is a real DOG

  5. oooh prezzo why what at all do these ladies see in this man ,well beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder........

  6. He is a true romantic guy

  7. I wonder what they see to that pig,woman they can date a lion if lion have money,

  8. No offend to call all women are chickens, they already knew the history of him but yet they are still go for him. Brainless women