Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rendevous For Lovers and Friends

It’s Saturday and we all know that it’s Rendevous Room time for our famous couple, Hakeem and Cleo and ‘platonic’ friends, Biguesas and Natasha. The two couples spent half the day preparing for their dates in the Rendevous Room, the ladies deciding what outfit would send what message to their dates and the men grooming themselves for their partners.

Natasha was the first to arrive for her date with Biguesas who arrived shortly thereafter. On the table there was a tray of strawberries with cream and a chilled bottle of bubbly. The set up was a dream, not fit for just a friendship but an intimate relationship much like Hakeem and Cleo’s.

When they eventually got chatting, you could tell that Biguesas was possibly the only friend Natasha has and can trust because she started telling him about the problems she’s been facing in the Ruby House, with nobody to talk to. With the way she carries on in the House, this came as a surprise to Biguesas but he understood where she was coming from. He even advised her to keep to herself and try and stay away from trouble.

On the other side of the Rendevous Room where Cleo and Hakeem were enjoying wine with each other, things started off a little rocky. Hakeem wanted to understand why Cleo had changed her mind about going to the Diamond House whereas they had discussed this when they were in the Arena. Cleo admitted that it was selfish of her to make the decision of not leaving the Ruby House on her own and that she didn’t want them to be evicted like Koketso and LK4 were. “As a couple in the same House, we will be easy targets and we’ll leave the game before our time,” she said. Hakeem even resorted to them breaking up because he felt that Cleo needed time to think about everything.

But as the evening went on, the couple resolved to having fun and letting bygones be just that, bygones. Another cherished night together gone by and memories to keep them for the coming week made. Stay strong you two.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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