Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rendezvous: 'I Don't Love You' - Selly

After a long drawn out love triangle that culminated in Strikes for both Sulu and Nando, Selly finally put a stop to all the madness by being brutally honest with Sulu.

During an intense Rendezvous Session this evening, there was not even a dollop of romance as the two hashed out their differences like mature adults. Sulu opened up and told Selly he was hurt when he found out Selly likes Nando and had actually gone as far as to choose him as her Rendezvous Room date.

"I miss you but I won't lie, I really hurt by your actions", Sulu said. Selly tried her best to explain herself with tact and sensitivity. "I heard Nando liked me and I was really curious to see what kind of person he is. He campaigned in the Diamond House to get me to the Rendezvous Room. I wanted to get to know him better. Everyone just blew things out of proportion", Selly said.

When Selly pointed out how Sulu told everyone he loved her but her, she was more than surprised. "You told everyone how you felt about me, but didn't bother to tell me. After all is said and done, I like you in a way I can't explain. I care deeply about you because you're a nice person. However, I've never said I love you. I don't want a romantic relationship with you."

Sulu let Selly's statement go over his head and didn't seem to want to face reality. When he insisted on pushing Selly for more than friendship, Selly told him "Don't try to control me and don't try to force me to love you", she said.

By the end of the date, Sulu seemed to have not fully accepted the fact that Selly might not love him as much as he does and urged her to consult with him every time she has to make important decisions. Selly didn't seem to have any qualms with that. What a sticky situation. What do you think of this whole situation?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Wat do u xpect her to say wen she has given her kpomo to nando shm

  2. Mxm selly duznt knw wat she wantx uxakene nobom lowa shem

  3. She z ashamed that she already gave Nando the Pololoololol

  4. Shz ful of confusion nw tht she gave the cake to Nando.

  5. She could continue with her game but Dillish helped to make a good decision by giving her gist

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