Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rendezvous: No Boys Allowed

Maria may be one of the hottest girls in The Chase but it looks like this young model is not looking to get taken off the market by any of the Big Brother boys any time soon.

After getting the most votes from the Rubies on the Crush Wall, Maria scored herself a romantic date in the Rendezvous room. But instead of using this opportunity to get close to one of the fellas the Namibian cutie decided to bring along her buddy Selly: Selly for some good all girl talk. And talk they most certainly did about any and everything boy related.

As soon as they entered the room Selly jumped into the topic of Angelo. “So what it is up with you and Angelo,” she quizzed her Namibian friend. Maria quickly shot down any notions of there being anything romantic between him and the South African. “I cuddle with him I cuddle with everybody else,” she clarified.

Womp, womp, too bad Angelo! We wonder if the SA dance teacher has any idea that he has been permanently friend-zoned.

As for Selly, she got the most votes from the Diamonds and chose Nando to be her date for the evening.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. I liked maria b4 but now shaking my head! Y is she on melvin's space all d time?she tinks she is smart but selly is smarter cos she also want Melvin dats y she wore dat big pants n a long sleeve top to prove sometin.Dat girl sorry woman cos she's more dan 35.

  2. I like Maria for keeping her principles. She doesn't want to get into situations. I don't see her onto Melvin either thn just a friend. Go Maria, show them that there are real girls out there.