Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rendezvous Room: Beverly Is Such A Blabber Mouth

After choosing to meet Beverly in the Rendezvous Room earlier this week, Bassey couldn’t wait to sit down and start chatting with his dearest friend Beverly. But the way they carried on wasn’t just a chat, it was old fashioned gossip. But I guess that’s how it goes down in the Rendezvous Room for those who meet there as ‘just friends.’

When the pleasantries were out of the way, they started off on a Dillish note, where Beverly told Bassey about the fact that Dillish was ready to choose him for the Rendezvous until she heard that Bassey didn’t vote for her so she changed her mind and chose Sulu instead. Bassey was rather brutal in his response to this as he said “Dillish is my type of girl but I would never go out with her because I know she’s just looking for a toy. It’s pretty much like what Selly did to Sulu and I don’t want that.”

Next on the topic was Maria and Melvin’s secret relationship as Beverly described it. She said that Maria and Melvin have been an item on the down low for a while now. They must have spent a lot of time hiding this relationship because we certainly didn’t catch wind of it. Beverly further said that Maria left the Diamond House because she wanted to get away from her lover Melvin. If this is true, then clearly there is already trouble in paradise.

The two friends carried on with their long chat while they nibbled on peanuts, chips and champagne. The food was probably why Beverly was talking about everything, either that or she really needed to get away from the House and talk to someone in private. Towards the end of their date, Bassey told her that the Rendezvous Room is for lovers who usually end up kissing. So he spent a few minutes trying to kiss a screaming Beverly. Poor Bassey is looking for some action.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Biggie or d admin who eva is incharge of posting on dis page is a big Fool 4 using dat Caption about Beverly! Wat did she do wrong? Isn't d same tin others do der? Biggie! Biggie! Biggie! How many times did I called u? If u post rubish about nija again we will go on Strike on BBA frm next season.Biggie u know how much u will loose so bewarned! Hahahahaha make una no hate much ooooooooh but am serious!

    1. I soooooo agree with u, Bev did not say anything wrong.

      what else were there to talk about as "just friends" if not the pple and the happenings in the two houses?

  2. Hey guys... Maria is so skinny... Looks like she has had diarrhoea for two months. She even runs out of breath when laughing

  3. Yes oo! This caption is so silly of whoever posted it.

  4. Biggie my people are correct. The caption and the story did not match, expect if the story is inconclusive.Beverly you are not Nkenna so stop gossiping with your brother's name. Amibo grow up as Naija rules