Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rendezvous: Sulu Interrogates Dillish

Sulu couldn't focus on getting to know gorgeous Dillish better during their date in the Rendezvous room.

Instead, the Zambian bombarded Dillish with questions about Selly and her relationship or lack thereof, with Nando.

At first, Sulu tried to keep it together and asked general questions about the Diamond House and how Dillish was finding her Chase experience. After a while, he couldn't hold himself any longer. "So, hows Selly doing? Tell me the truth", he asked.

Dillish was full of nothing but praise and compliments for Selly, who she said is friendly with everyone and is settling in well. Sulu wasn't content with a general response from Dillish and went in for the kill. "Where does she sleep? What's happening between her and Nando", he asked. Dillish told him "Selly and Nando are good friends. She sleeps in her own bed and Nando sleeps in his own. Anyways I sleep early so I really don't know. Don't worry. Nothing’s changed", she said, without committing herself.

When her date with Sulu ended, Dillish quickly found Selly and filled her in on what went down in the Rendezvous Room.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Dillish is a guud person she can kip secretes

  2. Dillish is a good, am beginning to fall for her

  3. Everyone is praising Delish bcos she isn't a Desperadoooooooooooo like Selly! Cos if selly is d one she will destroy d anoda.Delish ur a real woman n Africa luvs u!

  4. I am feeling he same way Sulu is feeling with Selly. I have that thing for Dillish