Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Robot Man

Is it an alien? Is it a cyborg? Nope, it’s Angelo the Robot man.

It was Natasha that first dubbed the South African born choreographer ‘The Robot Man’ due to his robotic dance moves. According to Wikipedia, the robot (or mannequin) is an illusionary street dance style – often confused with popping – that attempts to imitate a dancing robot or mannequin. It first gained fame after Michael Jackson used the dance when he performed "Dancing Machine" with his brothers as The Jackson Five. He later performed the dance during his solo career in songs such as Billie Jean.

This evening the sometimes shy pro dancer took to the garden by himself to show off his robotic skills to Africa. But his roboting session was cut short by Big Brother’s Task narrator who announced to the Housemates that it was time for the animals within them to dance and sing. Angelo quickly ran into the House and lent his choreography skills to the Rubies and they all joined in for a group Task dance.

So do you think of Angelo’s robot moves? Hot or Not?

Video: Robot man

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Not hot! I don't like him cos he played Annabel now he must be playd.