Thursday, June 06, 2013

Selly's Sizzling Lap Dance

Biguesas couldn't believe his luck this evening when sexy Selly gave him a sizzling lap dance.

As the booze flowed like a river in the Ruby House, Selly from Ghana gave the boys a show worth remembering. The sexpot licked her lips seductively and started gyrating in time to the beat. The boys immediately stood at attention and took in the sexy sight.

Sulu, who was in the Jacuzzi with LK4, couldn't contain himself. The Zambian stuck his tongue out and then blew a kiss in Selly's direction. LK4 on the other hand looked on without blinking.

While the Ugandan feasted with his eyes, his lady love, Koketso, snuck away to the garden for a quick smoke. Could she have been hiding from LK4? Seems likely, considering he has said on more than one occasion, that he does not like girls who smoke.

Biguesas, who was much closer to the action, then inched in for a little body to body action, as the rest of the gang looked on. While all this action unfolded, Natasha was nowhere to be found.

We’re sure Biguesas will sleep like a baby tonight after all that grinding.

Video: Twerk it out
Note: Video not viewable on mobile devices.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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