Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Thespians Sit It Out

After putting together a narrative they hope will float Big Brother's boat during the Task Presentation tonight, the Rubies decided to do a dry run of their wilderness play.

The Wildmates turned the garden into their very own stage, as they put the finishing touches on their 'Guarding the Wealth' play. All the animals in the Big Brother kingdom were taken through their paces, as Fatima played narrator.

Conspicuous in his absence on the stage however was Oneal. The Tswana Housemate decided to skip the dress rehearsals in favour of the couch, after complaining about the cold winter chill.

When Fatima finally called time on the rehearsals, Pokello and Elikem voiced out their unhappiness. "There is so much that goes into plays before show time. Technical dress rehearsals are super important. I'm disappointed that some people don't want to rehearse", Elikem said in a conversation with Pokello. Oneal's excuse for ditching rehearsals didn't seem to have Pokello convinced. "Oneal seems slightly agitated", she said, as she watched him chilling on the couch. To his credit, Oneal has been involved in the play from the time Biggie gave the Housemates the brief and only decided to give only the last rehearsal a miss.

What is it that could have irritated Oneal enough to make him veg out on the couch? The Tswana Housemate however, seemed to be in better spirits once Feza decided to sit on his lap on the couch. Could the Ruby House Wager be in danger?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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