Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sulu Charms A Blushing Selly

They say that wonders never cease in Biggie’s House and Sulu has proven to be a charmer as well. When the Housemates were busy with their Task earlier, Sulu took the time to tell Selly how he feels about her. Welcome to the game Sulu.

Selly was blushing like a school girl when the Zambian lad told her how much he valued her and that he wanted to make her a better person. He even went as far as saying that whatever pain she felt, he’d also want to share the pain with her so she doesn’t feel it alone. Wow Sulu, who would have ever thought that he can be quite the ‘macker’?

By the look on Selly’s face, one could tell that she was thoroughly charmed by the words coming out of Sulu’s mouth. She probably wanted to kiss him there and then. Could this be yet another budding fling? If so, how will Selly balance the likes of Nando and Sulu? But we’ve seen that Selly makes quite lucrative decisions so this won’t be any different.

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By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Selly is jos acting wt Sulu dat I can put my money on.see wat will happen!

  2. You may be correct Anonymous 3.28pm

    1. Swiry! Trust me on dis cos Selly is a bomb!mayb she is doing dis cos she chose Nando 4a date n Sulu told her not to!even said he will stab Nando if he tries dat again after seeing them at d party.selly got planed game cos she said she has unfinished bizness wt Melvin.

  3. sulu is just being fool for sure coz that girl selly is not even slightly interested in him at even be it in big bro its house or outside selly can not go out with him.