Friday, June 21, 2013

Sulu For HoH

Many Housemates seem to have a lot riding on tomorrow's Head of House Task.

Head of House is super important title to hold in the Big Brother House. No one knows this more than the Housemates themselves. Many have utilised the immunity from Eviction HoH gives them to play a strategic game that has helped them advance every week.

Tomorrow, Sulu hopes he will finally get his chance to wear the sought after badge, after failing to for such a long time. "Winning the HoH Task tomorrow is very important. If I win, there will be drama, especially when it comes to the House swap", Sulu said in a conversation with Oneal. Later as he and Feza chilled in the garden, Sulu expressed his HoH desires again. "Tomorrow is the day! I have to win Head of House," he said.

Sulu is clearly serious about winning the HoH Task this week. After all, why wouldn't he be when it gives him the power to 'Save and Replace' at will, as well as get rid of the Housemates he doesn't want in the Ruby House, by moving them to the Diamond House.

The big question though; do you think Sulu would make a good Head of House, or would his fellow Housemates walk all over him?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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