Sunday, June 30, 2013

Swag Kings and Queens

Finding yourself on the Eviction Nominee list is no doubt one of the most dreaded experiences in the Big Brother House but the one up side of being a Nominee is that come Sunday Biggie; has got you covered on the swag front.

Today Big Brother’s army of hair stylists marched into the Diamond and Ruby Houses to work their magic on the Nominated Housemates. In the Diamond House weave expert Dillish got her hair washed and styled while Hakeem choose to go bald. HoH Nando; who used his ‘Save and Replace’ power to save himself and put Maria's head under the Eviction guillotine this Monday; opted to not get his hair done.

In the Ruby House; Bolt got his regular trim and shave. He and Natasha must be so used to the pampering by now after all they get Nominated every week. Speaking of Natasha; the Malawian copped herself a new curly weave as did Annabel. Looking good ladies.

Sulu got his afro twisted into loose short afro dreadlocks. Earlier today the Zambian shared with his fellow Rubies that he had a feeling that he would be going tonight. Little does he know that HoH Feza actually saved his from the grasps of Eviction and chose to throw Pokello under the bus. Luckily for the Zimbabwean self-proclaimed ‘Swag Queen’; she stays looking fresh. Even without a stylist she is sure to be looking glam when Africa’s eyes are upon her this evening.

What do you think of the Nominated Housemates and their new dos? Who’s Hot and who’s Not?

Video: All the pretty Nominees

By Lihle Jacobs

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  1. The ladies are all hot, but Annabel to me is HOTTER.