Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Task: Beware Of The Intruders!

Biggie issued a follow up Task where he told the Housemates that they would find food and treats in the garden and all they had to do was light a fire. When the fire was lit, the Housemates were supposed to sit around the fire and cook with the sweets provided for them.

The Housemates had to create exciting shapes and combinations to which the Rubies rushed to the garden to get started on the Task. They sat around the fire burning marshmallows although they didn’t know how it was done. But thanks to Dillish, who once saw how marshmallows are burnt over a fire in a movie, they were able to enjoy this treat.

The second part of the Task required the Housemates to look out for intruders, much like the ones that came into the House and tried to scare them earlier, and keep a score of how many intruders they see in and around the House. They have to avoid the intruders at all times, meaning that when they spot them, they should act normal and not engage with them.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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