Thursday, June 27, 2013

Task: Big Bro Master Chefs

From merry campers to master chefs, it’s all in day’s work for the Chasemates.

This afternoon the Housemates were finally relieved of their camping duties only to be bestowed with a Cooking Task. In the garden Housemates found a makeshift Shoprite pantry. Each House was given one shopping bag to fill.

“After spending a week in the camping site; Big Brother and Shoprite have decided to let Housemates back in the House. Housemates must cook a starter, main course and desert. Housemates have until nightfall to complete their Cooking Task” said Biggie’s brief.

In the Ruby House, HoH Feza quickly put on her captain’s hat and delegated who would do what. Luckily for them they have a plethora of good cooks in the House.

Over in the Diamond House it looks like the Chasemates are just going to wing it. Hopefully their free-willing group effort will be enough to get them a much need Task victory at tonight’s Presentation.

We’ll just have to wait until tonight to see if it will be the Diamonds or the Rubies that will shine brightest in this Task.

Video: Let's get cooking

By Lihle Jacobs

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  1. Biggie don't judge it dat way jos giv both houses victory coc they all put der best.unless u want Melvin to fall sick B4 his Birthday 2morrow.look @him sweeping n arranging d garden all alone while odas watch!!