Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Task: Happy Campers

Merry campers is what the Housemates are; especially the Rubies who have taken to their overnight camping Task like fish to water.

This week’s Survival Task has already seen Housemates sharing their heartfelt survival stories with Biggie and now they have to spent the night at a make shift campsite in the garden. Biggie armed them with sleeping bags and two tents that they had to prop up themselves. He also handed them a drum to keep themselves entertained around the camp fire.

For the entire evening there is to be no less than four Housemates at the camp site ensuring that the fire does not die out while they continue with their mission to safeguard the 'Book of Tales' from “any strange characters” lurking in the House.

While the Diamonds have struggled at times to agree on how to go about this mission; the Ruby family have gotten along like a house on fire. All of the Rubies chose to camp out together around the fire singing merry songs and taking turns to tell camp fire tales.

Natasha and Bolt took turns at sharing riddles, this is something that the rest of the Rubies seemed to enjoy very much.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Like Seriously Africa, it wouldn't be funny if d diamond house loose der wager again bcos of one small boy calld Hakeem dat is praticin fake or sympathy vote love.lasted wk he slept all tro n now d task reads sleep in d tent but he took Cleo to d bed room.she even told him hey we are wrong on dis but he insisted.if one hsemate tell dat his nt doing gud he will use dat bad mouth n insult d hell out of him or her! Is only gossipn,lookin at d mirrow,take cereals,add 2balls of raw eggs wt a cup of yoguth n a plate of rice all in breadfast n gangin up against someone dats wat he does well.Boring go home hakeem let's manage pokelo.frm SA

    1. voting for Hakeem all the way no matter what!

  2. Pokelo will neva c ma vote,

  3. Both of dem re fake.buh pokello is manageable

  4. I want to vote FattyNat... Love her to bits.. Her Engrish is the best

  5. Vote for hakeem,natasha and pokello

  6. Fatima all the way her diction her she's a simple girl ad her diction rocks!

  7. why do the rest of the house mates in ruby gang up against Natasha even elikem? this guys should leave that sweet girl alone. they think she is easy to trample underfoot just like the other gals who goes to the bbhouse to adamdon their man from there state just to make fool of them self in the house. thanks to big brother they always expose there sheets .just like bety, selly , koketso,pokelo,elikem,bolt ,lk4,oneal/feza you guys are fake .for me am being entertained by Natasha ,sulu,fatima,berssey,Nando, maria bervery,cleo,hakeem,dellish,bimp,the south African guy and Melvin. others are just flirting around each other just like selly