Thursday, June 06, 2013

Task: A Hearty Kiss

Zen like a love Buddha is how the Housemates remained for today’s Task as they focused hard on not dropping the Styrofoam hearts that were pressed in between their sexy lips.

It was quite a stimulating Task that the Housemates partook in. This challenge called for the Housemates to join in pairs and for each pair to take a heart and press it in between their lips and keep it there for as long as possible.

In Ruby House, Pokello and Beverly had to share Bassey’s lips as there were not enough guys for all of the ladies to pair with. It was clear that the threesome work well together as they were one of the last teams left standing and they faced off against Ruby lovebirds Koketso and LK4. While the threesome soon started to show signs of a struggle, the lovebirds looked completely in the zone as they kept their eyes closed and grabbed on tightly to one another.

After the five made it through an entire hour, Biggie eventually jumped in and told them that it was a tie and both teams will be getting to spend some quality time in the Lovepad.

In the Diamonds House Elikem and Fatima clearly got carried away with this Task as they caressed each other and occasionally grabbed on to each other’s bums. They also looked to be trying to kiss through the Styrofoam hearts.

In the end Biggie announced the three pairs; Elikem and Fatima, Bimp and Dillish and Hakeem and Feza; as the winners

As for Hakeem it looks like he has forgiven Feza for swapping him from the Ruby House as the two held on to one another for quite a while after Biggie told them that the challenge was over. Hmmm…

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. No a bad task.

  2. Hakeem all the way..

  3. Is biggy running the Bachelorette now?

  4. Vote Koketso . Team SA

  5. Vote LK4. Team SA

  6. Evil Feza please keep away from our Hakeem