Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Task: Housemates Are Tasked To Get Closer

Biggie has issued a task for the Diamonds where the aim is to have Housemates closer than ever, literally.

The Task: One at a time, Housemates must pull a coloured stick from either a blue ball (for boys) or a pink ball (for girls) on the table in the garden. The two colours that match up from each ball will decide the pairs for this week’s task. There will be one group made up by three Housemates.

When all sticks have been drawn and the groups have been decided, the Housemates must stand next to each other in groups until Housemates hear the whistle.

Everything the Housemates do this week will have to be done in these groups, all members of the groups must always be in the same area in the House.

The closeness of the groups will have an effect on this week’s wager and these will also be the groups that take part in the presentation photo-shoot.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. getting closer is great and needed in the house.

  2. makorowodo says so hakeem must stae

  3. Hakeem carry go

  4. feza must stay in d houz.