Thursday, June 20, 2013

Task: Housemates write A Narrative

Biggie thought the wilderness Task was getting too dull so he instructed the Housemates to make up 20 minute stories to be narrated during Presentations tonight. He obviously wanted to see how creative the Housemates can get with their stories.

There were a variety of themes suggested for the stories to be written by Housemates; drama, comedy, fear, tragedy and adventure so the Housemates got down to brainstorming the ideal story.

Bolt started his story by saying ‘Once upon a time in the wilderness, there lived a lion and a lioness' and he stopped there. Nando threw in his ideas which were obviously on a funny note. He suggested that their story depicts real life events but with a funny spin to it while incorporating everybody’s characteristics in the story.

HoH Annabel said they should have a storyboard where they can see and read the individual ideas and choose the best one out of each. Nando asked Annabel which animal she associates with the most and when she told him, he started narrating a story around a wolf dog and a Jamaican man. That was the start of their brainstorming session.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. Both houses are trying in kipping it tops but I wished Melvin,hakeem n beverly are in diamond house!Nando is very noizy n can't allow peeps to talk.Gosh!