Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Task: How To Lick Your Prey

This afternoon, the Wildmates got on all fours and did a whole lot of licking.

As if sensing what Big Brother had in store for the Rubies and Diamonds this afternoon, Bassey and Fatima had a bit of fun rolling around on the lawn in their animal costumes. There were shouts of "Please eat me", as Fatima playfully sunk her teeth into Bassey's pert bottom.

Fatima certainly looks like she is an excellent hunter. After toying with her food for a bit, Fatima then ditched her prey and joined the rest of the Wildmates for this afternoon's Task. Big bowls with ice cold treats were placed in front of the Wildmates in the garden. Big Brother then instructed the Housemates to get down on all fours and wolf down the contents, which they did, to hilarious effect.

With hands tied behind their backs, the Housemates went in for the kill, gobbling up the ice cream that was beginning to melt in the bowls. Many of the Housemates caught a serious case of the giggles when they realised they had their entire faces covered in ice cream by the end of the Task.

Video: On all fours

By Ngeti Dlamini

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