Thursday, June 20, 2013

Task: In Pursuit Of A Soul Mate

In continuation of this week’s Big Brother Wilderness Task, the Housemates had to gather in the lounge as their HoH read the instructions for the next part of their Task. Biggie’s instructions began with: “It’s time for the animals in the Big Brother wilderness to start looking for their soul mates.”

When Housemates heard the buzzer, all animals had to shift into courting mode. This was interesting as the Housemates saw themselves parading around, some in their animal hats and feather boas, trying to attract a certain animal thanks to the items they took from the storeroom. The items were intended as props to help an animal attract another.

All Housemates seemed to enjoy this Task because it was probably the clearest portrayal of The Chase they’ve had to do so far.

Elikem proved to be a strong man as he put Pokello on his back and carried her around the garden, piggyback style. Fatima and Bassey were playfully fighting as cat and dog. Angelo and Fatima were also quite playful in their act as he kept spanking her on her behind.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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