Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Task: Pairs Made In Heaven

How ironic is it that the Task Biggie gave The Chasers this week produced pairs that are either already a couple in the House or potential couples? Could Biggie be trying to play cupid or is fate behind it all?

What seemed to be an arranged hook-up was Koketso and LK4’s pairing. The couple are now forced to be by each other’s side for the week. With all the time they have spent together already, this Task should be a breeze.
Not long after being paired, Natasha and Sulu were lying cozy in each other’s arms sharing conversations about strategy and the game. Question is, are they taking advantage of their pairing to start something romantic or are they just dealing with their pick? All will be revealed soon enough.
Not all pairs seem to be idyllic matches. Maria was less than impressed when she was partnered with Biguesas. Meanwhile, Bassey, Beverly and Pokello are getting on like a house on fire. After last night’s dirty dancing, this comes as no surprise.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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