Thursday, June 13, 2013

Task: Poetry For The Soul

Today is set to be a busy day in both the Ruby and Diamond Houses, as the Housemates put the finishing touches on their art projects.

After dabbling in photography, painting and baking, the Chasers are closing things off with poetry.

Big Brother has directed the Housemates to flex their writing muscles in a big way, as the countdown to the Task Presentation begins.

Each Housemate is expected to write a three minute long poem which will be inspired by love, hate, painting and baking. These poems will be recited during the Task Presentation in the garden later this evening.

The Chasers have proved to be quite a creative bunch so far and judging from the reactions to the Poetry Task, everyone should knock it out of the park. As soon as HoH Selly read out the Task Brief, Sulu shouted "Good one Biggie".

Bassey on the other hand was more concerned that there was no quote at the end of Big Brother's directive. Perhaps he was trying to score a bit of inspiration from the big boss?

Video: Big Brother poetry

By Ngeti Dlamini

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