Thursday, June 13, 2013

Task Presentation: The Dazzling Diamonds

Who knew that the Big Brother House had such a minefield of raw talent waiting to be discovered?

The Diamonds shine brightly at tonight’s artistic Task Presentation where Housemates displayed their House cake that they had baked together, along with individual artwork and poetry recitals. Motamma proved to be quite the drama queen with a capital D during her entertaining recital of her poem aptly titled “The Chase”. The Chase was a favourite theme among the Diamonds as Melvin's poem also had the same title.

Dillish showed that there is more to her than her pretty face with her “Love in Comparison” poem. As for former Rubies Beverly and Biguesas, it turns out that behind those quite demeanours of theirs there are two gifted deep thinkers.

But Nando on the other hand clearly did not get the memo, instead of reciting a poem the Tanzanian seemed to playing hype man to the crowd. At the end of it all the Diamond Housemates sailed smoothly to a 100% Wager win. Well done to the Diamonds for working so well as a team on their Task unlike the Rubies.

Video: D is for dazzling

By Lihle Jacobs

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