Thursday, June 20, 2013

Task Presentation: Lights, Camera, Action!

The Housemates went all out for their Task Presentation this evening.

The gang pulled off a fluid performance of their 'Guarding the Well' play. Any earlier apprehension about the final performance was quickly forgotten as the Wildmates went through their paces, as true thespians would. Fatima did an excellent job as narrator, while Bassey and Elikem shone in the roles of the rabbit and the big bad wolf respectively.

The other Housemates seemed content with their supporting roles and performed as if their lives depended on it. At some point, Bassey almost jumped into the Jacuzzi, which had been turned into a well, to make the play look more believable. Talk about going all out!

Playing narrator in the Diamond House was Dillish. Nando was on hand behind the narrator's podium, giving out instructions to some of his fellow Diamonds, who had forgotten what they were supposed to do, as the play reached its crescendo. There was loads of colour and noise as the Wildmates imitated different jungle animals including and not limited to elephants and monkeys.

As incredible as the Ruby and Diamond House plays were, there are still plenty more sub-Task that Big Brother will use to score the Housemates with.

Will the big guy be happy with this week's Task performances?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Wow that was beautiful presetation from the rubbies house i enjoy it, my vote goes 2 natashaaaaaaaa

  2. Biggie is to be blamed on Diamond's wayz of living.both houses are difference.Ruby is classy,well reserved n hsemates live big while Diamonds is like a getto,d house! Bedroom,kitchen,garden u name it!some hsemates lik bolt betty hakeem n nando dat uses d talk time to sleep or talk rubbish while d laught 4him! Am so Angry 4real.