Thursday, June 27, 2013

Task Presentation: Lights, Camera and Puppets!

The Housemates proved to themselves and to Biggie that they can do anything when they put their hearts into it. The puppet shows that the Chasers put together were not necessarily professionally done but both Houses had a lot of fun when they actually got started. Both stories were required to have a scary twist to them.

The puppeteers of the Ruby House put on an impressive show with Fatima as their narrator. The Ruby story was about friends who were invited to a sleepover party by a friend where they were killed by a mysterious killer. Although Fatima tried her best in narrating the story in such a way that the Housemates can be on cue, they were still confused and came in late with their lines. Hopefully this doesn’t affect the results.

Meanwhile in the Diamond House, you could just hear from their loud voices and laughter that they were having too much fun with their puppets. They had Beverly to narrate their story. The Diamond story was about a princess who was forced into a planned marriage and therefore decided to run away from home. On her journey the princess met up with a lot of different characters and eventually she came back home. Selly showed us why she is a real-life actress as she brought her skills to make the play more interesting so obviously she was brought in as the leading lady of the play.

Nando was the funniest of them all as he brought the ‘funny’ aspect to the story. He was so animated, one could easily forget that they were working toward winning the Wager and that this was an amateur show. It looks like the Diamonds knew what they were doing after all.

Who do you think will win the Task Presentation?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. I pity Melvin he shld be swappedto Rubies yoo dt guy wrks hard biggie pls pity Meliv mxm ai re tla shwa ke lerato mooo ai

  2. Diamond made me laugh hard wit d puppet fing. They tried