Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Task: Row Your Boat!

This week's Fitness Task continued with great fanfare this evening.

After racking up hours and hours on the treadmill as well as building muscle using the weights, the Housemates tried their hand at rowing.

Bolt was the first to try out the Rowing Machine, which had been set up in the garden. The Sierra Leonean seemed to be up for the challenge without a doubt and displayed almost superhuman stamina.

With sprinklers going off all around him to cool him off and with Betty keeping a close watch, Bolt went for the gold. Some of the Diamond House boys were heard telling the Ethiopian beauty "This man will kill you when it's time to head to bed".

Motamma and Melvin were not too far off either. The two watched in awe as Bolt rowed with aplomb. When 19 minutes had elapsed, Bolt decided he had enough energy to actually row faster.

Could Bolt have been showing off for his lady love or is the Sierra Leonean a lean, mean machine?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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