Thursday, June 13, 2013

Task: Rubies Catch A Lucky Break

Tonight fate smiled upon the Rubies who almost lost out on their 100% Wager. This evening the Housemates took to the garden for a very artistic Task Presentation where Housemates displayed their House cake that they had baked together, along with individual artwork and poetry recitals.

In the Ruby House, the masterpiece that Oneal has been working on tirelessly was finally revealed and it did not disappoint. “This picture is not complete it will never be complete because life is a canvas on which I am never finished painting,” shared the talented Tswana man.

Pokello showed off her “A Thin Line between Love and Hate” themed painting with its accompanying poem. “This is for all of the women who have suffered at the hands of the man that they love,” explained the Zimbabwean. Next was Natasha who displayed an art-piece that featured a bare landscape which according to the Malawian represents the lack of resources in Africa. She then recited an emotional poem about her grandpa. “Dear grandfather you taught me love, a new kind of love,” the Ruby lass narrated holding back her tears.

While their Presentation was impressive, Biggie was not impressed with the lack of commitment to the Task that some Housemates displayed throughout the week and he announced that they had lost out on the Wager. But then he announced that they had won all 100% of their Wager n the inter-House competition by beating out Diamond House and Emerald House, which Housemates

Talk about a lucky break. But they may not be so lucky next time it looks like the Rubies have to start pulling up their socks! What do you think did the Rubies deserve to win the Wager?

Video: Lucky Rubies

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. They deserve to win the wager, they wrote and recited poems, unlike the Diamonds who wrote speeches and comedy except for few who where on point.

    1. Even their outfit was splendid.