Thursday, June 27, 2013

Task: Rubies Come Out Tops Again

After an impressive puppet show, the Rubies managed to win their Wager thus being the overall winner for the day. Although their story wasn’t all that together and some of the Housemates didn’t know their character names, they seem to have pulled it off.

As Biggie announced that the winner, you could tell that most of them had already known that they had won but it didn’t stop them from shouting and screaming on top of their voices in joy. The sad part was when they opened the store room to find a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. You could see their happiness and excitement fade from their disappointed faces. Biggie can be so mean.

The Diamonds were also swimming in a pool of such disappointment, although theirs seemed a bit more sad than that of the Rubies. When Biggie announced that they had lost their Wager, you could see that they were seriously disappointed considering the effort they put into it. This marked the two consecutive weeks where Diamonds lost their Wager and a huge part of this was due to them losing their Book of Tales. Better luck next time Diamonds.

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By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Biggie someone said ur in partnership wt Illuminati n I douted dat remark but now am beging to tink is true.Wat if one of d hsemates stopd breathing out of dat Cold dat was so much? Some will still fall sick dis wk even Melvin dat hate cold stayed out,did his best to win d wager.Biggie u could have pity on they!

    1. Wot has task got to do wit iluminati? Do you even know abt iluminati? B4 they went for BBA audition, it clearly spelt out that its a game and no 1 can predict BB.

  2. Biggie the Housemates suffered under cold.Pity them and give them those things they expected from you to make them happy