Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Task: Sweaty, Sticky, Sexy Bodies!

If you though the BB House is all about champagne and romance, think again!

Weaves were pulled back into dreary buns and sartorial tastes were forgotten today as the Housemates sweated towards the same goal in the garden today - sweet victory!

Many of the boys took this Task as an opportunity to show off and show off they did. Words like 'calisthenics' were casually bandied about, leaving some of the girls more than a little confused. Angelo, Melvin and LK4 made a meal out of the situation by testing out each and every machine that had been assembled in the garden with enthusiasm.

In the Ruby House, ONeal jumped at the chance to help Maria, who looked to be struggling with some of her moves. "Work from your core", he said. Maria, obviously not knowing and not caring what "her core was" told him "It hurts". Sexy ONeal, who should consider a career as a Boot Camp coordinator told her "It's supposed to". Clearly, there won't be any slacking under his watch.

So far, the Housemates have attacked their Fitness Task with enthusiasm. Do you think both Houses are ensured a sweet Task victory this Thursday evening?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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