Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Boys Rock Freakum Dresses!

The Ruby boys decided to ditch their baseball caps, baggy jeans and shorts this afternoon, in favour of lipstick, wigs, tight dresses and kitten heels.

Who knew that Bassey, Oneal, Angelo, Elikem and Sulu's sartorial tastes bordered on the kinky? This afternoon, there was excitement and laughter in the Ruby House when the boys decided to pilpher dresses off the Ruby girls for tonight's Channel O party.

This evening, the Rubies are not only partying with Channel O and DJ Creejay, but the gang is also celebrating Angelo's birthday, which was yesterday. When Oneal slipped into a sexy dress and wig, there were loud chuckles and loads of back slapping. "Oneal you look like a horse", Bassey said, between giggles.

The girls were on hand to lift a stocking here and tuck in wayward parts there. Betty even tried to pacify Bolt, who was a bit worried about his reputation. "Don't worry love. Everyone knows you're a guy", she said, holding back laughter.

Elikem however was a little more philosophical about the situation. "We look like prostitutes", he reflected, as Pokello adjusted his freakum dress. Sulu seemed to be feeling himself as he pranced up and down the bedroom like a runway model, his dress clinging tightly to his booty.

Sacrificing your street cred for friendship is so noble of the Ruby boys. We can't wait to see the earth quaking and booty shaking we will see during the eagerly anticipated party!

Video: Ladies of the night

By Ngeti Dlamini

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