Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Natasha Airtel Picnic Show

Today Biggie decided to treat both the Ruby and Diamond Houses to a relaxing afternoon picnic and the Rubies saw it fit to use the opportunity to host a variety show featuring interviews and impromptu garden performances from the Housemates.

Of course the show was hosted by the vivacious Natasha; who was kitted out in an eye-catching head to toe purple ensemble for the occasion. “Welcome to The Natasha Airtel Picnic Show,” she declared to her fellow Housemates.

Funny man Sulu was the first to be called up on stage and he broke it down with a little bum shake dance. Next up was Ruby newbie, Feza who proved to be a decent songstress. The Tanzanian lass flexed off her vocal muscles for her new family. She was followed by The Chase’s hip hop empress Cleo, aka Ice Princess. The Zambian spit a few rhymes much to the delight of her fellow Rubies.

It was then saucy Selly's turn; at first she tried to play coy but Natasha quickly called her out, by chirping. “Shy girls can’t wear this mini skirt”. Womp womp! Talk about getting served. The Ghanaian laughed it off and then did what she does best and that is shaking what her mama gave her and yes she was in a shorter than short skirt. After major questioning from the Rubies, Selly also revealed that she has a crush on Diamond dude Nando.

Host Natasha, then probed fellow Malawian Fatima about the status of her relationship with Elikem. According to the former Diamond the two are just “very close friends”. Well okay then, clearly Fatima has a very loose definition of what friends are.

You just gotta love those Rubies; they sure do know how to entertain.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Team Natasha!!!! Pls dnt go darln. U'r fun! Meanwhile, Elikem is jus an idiot for dissin Fatima like dat, bcos u don see fair gurl wif big yansh con mean say wetin? U'r jus a thief! And God help u Pokello goes home 2mao, u'r in deep shit!!!

  2. Natasha your show rocks hope u don't go.

  3. She must go 4d game to change look!

  4. Wow i like natasha show u'r the best malawi ever, u just remending me abt keran, we r voting 4 u 2 stay longer

  5. I really enjoyed the natasha show.... I'm begining to love her