Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Ruby Boys and Their Socks!

The Ruby boys have decided to wear colourful knee-high socks to the Channel O party.

Always up for a little fun and a good time, the Ruby boys are proving to be quite entertaining. Last week, jaws dropped when the boys traded in their sneakers and muscle tops for dresses, skirts and wigs.

Today, the swag train is moving full steam ahead with yet another zany sartorial attempt. This evening just before the Housemates were escorted to tonight's party venue, the Ruby boys picked out colourful socks, which are synonymous with tailor and resident snazzy dresser, Elikem.

As is the norm, the girls in both the Diamond House and in the Ruby House chose the shortest dresses they could lay their hands on. They tottered about in sky high heels as they ran to and fro, applying their make up at a frantic pace.

How hot are the Chase girls? Hot like fire, no doubt!

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. O'neal's tshirt written FEZA...Gosh!!!boy u r so in love...

  2. Same with Elikem! I think that's what's trending. Love is definitely in d air!!!!!!!

  3. Waooo I missed the party and Good luck my people

  4. sory i misd this. Can someone tell me why housemates are blindfolded to the party venue????

    1. Biggie didn't want them to know dat d party hall is in between diamond n ruby house. Menh biggie is too much.I tink d will merge them dis wk after evicting 3hsemates.biggie plz cos we are tired of d sepration.