Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Things We Do For Love

Eew is the word that comes to mind after seeing Fatima and Elikem’s grooming habits today.

It is amazing the things people are willing to do for love or at least for lust as in this case. Today Fatima showed that her affection for her man knows no bounds as she spent the day popping his pimples. Dis-gus-ting!

But it looks like Elikem really appreciated the gesture from his lady as he returned the favour later on by playing personal hairstylist to Fatima. The Malawian sat patiently and put her complete trust in her man to work his magic on her. And work it he did, he trimmed and groomed her dilapidated Mohawk back to life.

His other sort-of-used-to-be girl, Feza sat by and watched and happily chatted with the pair. And so it seems like Feza is finally over the heartbreak she felt over Elikem’s player ways or is at the very least trying to remain civil with him and Fatima.

After the haircut Fatima and Elikem left Feza behind and headed into the bathroom to brush their teeth and wash their hair together. Well okay, then. Who knows, maybe the couple that grooms together, stays together.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Elikem knows how 2 play d game but let see how is going 2 end

  2. What about da zim poko?

  3. This is the beginning of the end for Elikem. You thing you gat game? Watch your back bro Selly will destroy you

  4. elikem take it easy selly wont forgive, poor pokello tak hrt

  5. Y are ghanaians like dis?all d cam to BBA behavd dis way n dat was der down fall.Elikeem wouldn't last more dan 2wks I put my money on it.ghana learn frm ur nebors nija cos got swt swags!