Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Tough Times Back Home

As Nando, Bimp, Hakeem and Bolt sat together outside in the garden, they shared stories of how life is back home. Some stories were too sad to hear and made me understand why most of our Chasers are in the game.

Bimp told his fellow Housemates how hard his life was back at home and how tired he was of begging for money from friends and family just to make ends meet. His dream is to be so rich that his mother can be chauffeur driven anywhere she wants to go.

Hakeem started listing how many pieces of furniture he has in his room and that most of it stands on cardboards. Hakeem has had to learn how to fend for himself from a very young age and he now doesn’t want his mother to suffer because of him. Who would’ve thought this young, hot model was going through tough times back home?

The resident bully, Bolt even parted some sound advice about how to rise above your struggles as a man and how things will always work for good if you keep your hustle going. He admitted to living a very luxurious life, with a lot of money and cars but he went through a lot and now life has humbled him tremendously.

It’s nice to see that the Diamond men can impart sound advice to one another in an attempt to strengthen each other.

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By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. All these are stories 4 votes.time still dey n des stories will change.Rem feza said no male hsemate is worthy to make her feel like a woman n she can't be seen lying down wt a male hsemate bcos his son is watching but now tangled wt Oneal.

  2. Then Boltis in the wrong place!

  3. Abi ooooo! He's in the wrong place!!!

  4. They re tryin to buy africans mind period.

  5. I wish Bimp's dream can come true! Its a very sad story bt I like his spirit 4 lifting his head high!Goodluck dude!

    1. All na story 4 votes.Sympaty votes can't giv u vistory! No way! Wat is Bimp doing in d house?

  6. Remember, Beverly was there too and has a story as well

  7. No biggie don't post tinz dat relate to Melvin n Bev but God go fight 4them. Let's c how d end goes!

  8. Wat a sad story aish bimp u must be strong in lyf I lyk ur spirit man