Friday, June 21, 2013

This Year's BBA Girls Are All Beautiful, Wish I Was There - Roki

Handina cellular, cash kana car, ndofamba naJesu, ndofamba naJesu chete x2. (I don't have a cellular phone, money and I have no car, I walk with Jesus only x2).

These are the words of a popular church chorus sung by children at Sunday School. Lyrics to this tune ring true to the life style of Zimbabwean urban grooves Godfather, Rockfod 'Roki' Josphat.

Probably Roki, a former Big Brother Africa housemate, should change the words to say: "I don't have a cellular phone, money and I have no TV...."

Roki, is one of the most talented young artiste in the country. Unfortunately, he has nothing to show for it, despite having been on the music scene for more than 10 years now.

Roki was Zimbabwe's representative at last year's Big Brother Africa reality show. A strong contender for the prize money, Roki disappointed his fans across the continent after his flirtation with the reality show ended prematurely.

The 28-year-old Roki who fathered 6 children in a space of about 6 years brew a shocker in an interview with Saturday Leisure saying that he cannot make predictions on this year's show, Big Brother The Chase, as he does not own a television set.

"I can't tell who will make it this year because I don't watch Big  Brother. I only get updates on my i-pad from friends and internet because I do not have a television set at my house," he said.

The controversial artiste said even if he had a television set, he wouldn't afford subscribing to Dstv. An ordinary 21 inch television set costs about US$80.

"I can't afford subscribing. I rely on updates on what if happening from mostly my friends," he said.

It has been an open secret that the award-winning Roki has no cellphone. My Zimbabwe has previously published an article to this effect before. This interview was made possible through a friend's cellphone with whom he shares a home.

Interestingly, Roki who fathered six children with 5 different women said there are beautiful ladies at this year's BBA edition, as compared to last year's. Roki further revealed that he would have literally touched the sky if he was in the same house with this year's girls.

"Eish, all the girls are actually so pretty! The all seem like models, it would have been great being in the same house with them," said Roki.

The urban groover said Zimbabwe's Zimbabwe's representatives Pokello and Hakeem seem confident and intelligent.

Many people are aware that Roki is "out of pocket" as in April, his two wives, Pauline Gundidza and Melody Musekiwa, were evicted from their Waterfalls lodgings, as the musician was failing to pay rentals, bills as well as taking care of his children.

His two wives were reportedly staying under the same roof together with their children. Maybe Africa Revenge's track WANGA was inspired by people like our talented Roki.


  1. That's a fukin lie......roki hosts show olmost 9 times a month.....he even bought a how much does an I pad cost???

    1. Hosting a show doesn't necessarily means it has money. He looks like a junkie. And junkies can't save.

  2. Gosh Roki stay in the closet and never come out and support your 5 kids and their mothers!

  3. How can he say that oh he thinks bigrother will have mercry on him oh yayayayayay and buy t v and dstv yoo if he was thinking he was not supose to fight with Maneta maybe he was gaonna winn the cash but uselesss woo

  4. Is this real or a mere joke??

  5. Screw you editor and your journalist and your propaganda.

  6. Gosh the life of a player! 6 children with 5 diff women *hides*mess